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Deep Pore Cleaning Facial                75 minutes/$80

This facial treatment focuses on the needs of skin prone to impurities, oiliness, breakout and acne. A natural, plant-derived enzyme peel removes rough skin and loosens impurities. Manual extractions, a skin-balancing serum and a clarifying facial mask will leave your skin smoother and clearer. Service does not include facial massage.

Four-Layer Facial                                75 minutes/$110

This unique, four-layer, anti-aging facial uses the nourishing, replenishing and hydrating bounty of the sea to mineralize and balance your skin. It eliminates fine lines and stimulates a healthy tone for long-lasting radiance.

Anti-Age Contour Lifting                   75 minutes/$100

Enjoy pure luxury! This unique facial treatment refines the skin structure and reduces facial lines and wrinkles. Even expression lines are reduced, adding years of youthfulness. This treatment includes a special massage technique, “the contour-lifting massage,” which will enhance the skin’s micro-circulation and lymph flow, leaving the skin with firmer facial contours and a beautiful radiant glow. Highly effective Timeless Anti-Age products are used during the treatment, caring for your skin needs.

Combo Facial                                          75 minutes/$105

This multi-purpose facial is designed with combination skin types in mind. Most people have two or more skin types (normal, dry, oily, sensitive and mature). Each is treated specifically for these issues in one luxurious facial, providing healthier, balanced and well-hydrated skin.

Eye-Lifting Treatment                           30 minutes/$40

This specialized treatment improves the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes. A pressure-point massage with epigram, a botanical anti-wrinkling complex, will help circulation, lymph flow and assist in reducing puffiness and sinus congestion. An eye contour mask leaves your eyes refreshed with added firmness.